MNCHOICES Budget question

Our director is interested in adding a MNCHOICES Social Worker to our payroll, however, we will need to justify it to our board members.  Could you provide me with your county’s process to see if adding a MNCHOICES worker was budget neutral?  We obviously know the salary information, I am more looking at what the reimbursements would be from adding a worker.  Anyone have a process they would like to share?  

Erin Sandbo-Marks

Meal Reimbursements for Child Protection 07-28-17

How are counties coding payments for meals if they have to buy a meal for a child protection child during an investigation or if they have to transport and need to stop and get a meal for the child.

Third Party Claiming to Workers Comp 7-28-17

Third Party Claiming to Workers Comp

Wondering if anyone has ever processed a third party claim to workers comp for services the County provides and if you have procedures.?

Suzann Bakken
Assistant Controller
Olmsted County Finance

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