Social Welfare/Rep Payee

We are again looking at our social welfare/rep payee program and have inquired with Payee Central regarding their services.  If you are a county that uses Payee Central can you tell me if you have gotten out of the rep payee service completely and they handle all of those services for your county and what your satisfaction level is with the services that Payee Central performs.  Thanks very much!!

W9's, Interpreters and IFS

When our county hires and interpreter we currently don’t ask for their SSN unless we are going to send them a 1099 because they have met those requirements. However, when you put a vendor in IFS you need the SSN for the individual. So we do a lot of back tracking to get the needed information from the interpreters so we can pay them. Are counties having interpreter’s fill out a W9 when they become an interpreter for your county, just as general practice no matter if you use them one time or several times ongoing? Then if you do, do you keep a file on each interpreter? Seems like a lot of paperwork, interpreters come and go so quickly, but a lot of them do go over the 1099 threshold, and if they do, is a W9 required?



Stephani Diekmann

Fiscal Supervisor

Nobles County Community Services Agency


2550 Salary Allocation

Looking at our Income Maintenance Report DHS 2550.  Currently we allocate all salary and fringe to Section A Time Study  Expenditures.  Do any counties allocate these costs to other programs such as TANF Direct Charges or MFIP?  If so, is it a wash in terms of reimbursement from one source to another?  And if so, how do you allocate within your IFS and/or payroll system?

Our Eligibility Supervisor is asking about this based on her Biennial report for 2018-2019.  


Scott Nagel

Fiscal Manager

Des Moines Valley Health and Human Services

Jackson, Minnesota 56143