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I have a question for the group.


1.        Does your county pay law enforcements to do transportation?  Specifically I am thinking people that are being transported on a 72 hour hold or back for a commitment hearing?

2.       If you do not pay law enforcement do to this is there a statute referencing that this is the responsibility of law enforcement?


3.       If you are paying them for transports what kind of hourly rate, mileage, or combined rate are you paying?


Any help would be appreciated.


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1099 Question Regarding Volunteer Drivers

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Hi everyone,

The issue regarding when to issue a 1099 for volunteer transportation just came up again.  I looked back at an email that Jena had sent, that sounded like we only 1099'd when it was above and beyond the Federal Reimbursement Rate.  Now, per guidance below, it sounds like we should 1099 everything and it is up to the volunteer to sort out.

Thoughts?  What are you guys doing?

Good afternoon,
Kathy Ryan to Kristen Houle
I am writing for clarification.  For years and years, I have issued 1099's to our volunteer drivers for No Load miles and for the additional per diem we pay above and beyond the federal reimbursement rate.  (i.e. 53.5 cents).  Per the information below - it almost sounds like volunteer drivers should be getting a 1099 for all payments made to them and then they would need to sort out what is reportable income and what is not.  My counterpart in Todd had asked the same question to one of your co-workers and the response was to 1099 only the amount above the IRS reimbursement rate.  Can you please clarify what we should be doing?  Thanks.

Hi Kathy –


As far as the question below, I would suggest using the Department of Revenue guidance since it is very clear.  I’m guessing it was Jenna in Todd that asked the question.  I remember she asked my coworker Sarah and she consulted one of the tax individuals in the office.  My guess is he didn’t have the below specific guidance at that time.  Could you share this guidance with Jenna as well?





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