Reimbursement for meetings

I have a question and need some guidance!  One of my IM staff is a regional rep for their state financial worker group, like our AMSSA.  She is holding a regional meeting at a location in Alexandria.  The question is how to work the expense.  She would like us(Grant County) to pay for the expense, and then the other counties will cut us a check for the expense.  She believes that this is the easiest way to do this.  Do you have any experience with this type of arrangement, if so, please share!  Thank you!

Jen Albjerg

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Hiring costs tracking

Can you poll counties to see if other counties keep track of hiring costs in separate accounts other than a general administrative account?  And if they do, what all they keep track of (advertising, Merit System annual cost, back ground checks, new worker training costs (reg, travel, meals, hotel room) etc)?


Marlene Remmel

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Medicare Premiums question

What are other counties doing that reimburse Medicare monthly premiums to clients?  We currently are verifying that the clients are eligible monthly to make sure we aren’t reimbursing a premium that shouldn’t be reimbursed.

Thanks for your assistance!

Suzann Bakken

Assistant Controller

Olmsted County Finance

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