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Has anyone completed a suitability policy for their county agency in accordance with the new FTI requirements listed below that go into effect on 09/30/2017? If you have, could you please share a copy with me, as I am trying to create one for our agency and am looking for guidance on how to do this. 

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5908 Updated IRS Publication 1075 Requirements 


Updated IRS Publication 1075 Requirements
Background information and main point:
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Office of Safeguards recently released Publication 1075, Tax Information Security Guidelines for Federal, State and Local Agencies summarizing revisions it made from the previous version including requiring background checks immediately for all new hires with access to federal tax information (FTI) and by September 30, 2017 for existing employees with access.
The updated Publication 1075 became effective September 30, 2016 and supersedes the October 2014 publication.
Who is affected?
All employees with access to FTI.
When will this happen?
Counties must run background checks immediately on all new hires with access to FTI and by September 30, 2017 on all existing employees with access.
What does the IRS require for its background check?
The IRS is requiring FBI fingerprinting and criminal history checks, local law enforcement checks, and citizenship or residency checks for their required background check.
Why is the IRS requiring background checks?
The background checks will be the basis of a suitability determination made by agencies in permitting employee access to FTI.  The IRS requires all affected agencies to have a suitability policy that will determine whether the employee or applicant is suitable for employment or continued employment in the position that requires access to FTI.
Other information:
·         These new security requirements affect other divisions in the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) as well as other state agencies.
·         CSD will not be leading the overall implementation process but CSD plans to actively participate.
·         CSD will keep county child support agencies informed of new developments and progress on implementation efforts by publishing additional county messages.
·         The IRS made additional minor security changes (besides the background check requirements), so counties should review Publication 1075 in its entirety.
·         The IRS indicated it would be somewhat lenient in enforcing background check deadlines, as they are aware legislation may be required. However, county child support agencies need to review and begin implementing all the requirements, as they are able.
If you have any other feedback or additional questions, use your county's internal escalation process to contact the CSD Help Desk.

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MEC2 Payment Invoices

This is regarding the child care payment invoices that workers pay on MEC2.  The question is:  How do you store your child care invoices?  If electronically, how do you organize them?   For example:  by week, by case, etc.



Job Shadowing 9/11/17

Hi Julie,


Could you please send this question out the AMSSA group?


Wondering if any counties have a job shadowing system in place.  If, so we are looking for any related policies or procedures on how it is set up and facilitated.




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